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hidden toiletcam
does anyone know of any sites from russia or any other eastern european countries fraturing hidden toilet cam with girls shitting (not only pissing)

masood kamali, Jul 29, 2005 23:30
I too would like to know this information. I also enjoy voyeur shitting and pooping.
voyeur, Aug 04, 2005 22:47
voyeur, Aug 06, 2005 04:10
Wow what a great idea... ALSO love voyeur scenes of women pooping! Surely many of the scenes that are filmed for PH, must also have captured ladies using their gorgeous brown openings as well? Why not create another site showing this material (or a sub-section showing this exciting speciality?) Thanx for ALL the great posts and excellent material... PLEASE keep this site going PH!.. Regards. Sintix
sintix, Aug 09, 2005 21:43
Hey sintix! If you click on pictures on the top of the page and in the search bar type in the word shit, you'll find a couple of nice results. Especially on page two with the girls shitting in the park. Its a 2 part series. On page one the search result, there is a series with a girl in an orange shirt squatting in the bushes taking a shit. The title of this series is called ôSpain Roads". It was kind of interesting even though you didn't see her shit, you could clearly see her wiping her asshole. Hope that helps.
voyeur, Aug 10, 2005 01:15
[skip] and [skip] are my favs
starwars8, Jan 19, 2006 00:16
I found a website we all dream of it's [skip], unfortunetly there are many countries that are not listed to do the credit card payment, does anyone have access? Or possibly tell us how is that site?
rat, Mar 24, 2006 07:05
There is also a Japanese site of that kind (real voyeur pooping) but it is in Japanese only. No English version of that site exists. Perhaps you will know something more about that site in Japanese. It has a short address but i cannot put it down here because i do not recall it now, sorry. I hope we find a site we're looking for so patiently.
Toff, Aug 06, 2006 02:18
Hi Rat...

Please let me know the name of this site that you found... showing girls pooping???

Regards. Sintix
Sintix, Sep 02, 2006 01:11

All nude photographic subjects are at least 18 years old
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